The Messiah - Beyond a Shadow of Doubt
Video Series

Welcome to The Messiah Beyond a Shadow of Doubt video series! The videos on this web site explain how the Jewish holy days, also called the Appointed Times, speak of something far greater than the rituals that are observed annually by the Jewish people. According to Colossians 2:16-17, these festivals, new moons, and Sabbath Days, are shadows of things to come, but their substance (i.e. their meaning) belongs to Christ – the Messiah.  The Messiah is the key character of the Scriptures, from early Genesis to the end of Revelation, and He is worthy of profound honor, since He will, one day, return to establish His kingdom overall the earth.  Please join us for this fascinating study of the Bible!

Part 1

The Messiah in the Appointed Times

The video lessons in this section introduce the Appointed Times – the Jewish holy days – as they were given to the nation of Israel through Moses.

  • Lesson 1 introduces the concept of the Messiah, and presents a high-level overview of how the Appointed Times speak of Him.  
  • Lesson 2 provides some valuable background information about how the Israelites track time – a concept that is of the greatest importance in understanding this subject!
  • Lesson 3 explains why this information is so important – why it deeply affects you and me and every person who has ever lived.

Lesson 1: Intro to the Appointed Times

This lesson introduces the concept of the Messiah, as taught in the Bible.  It also introduces the Appointed Times and briefly explains how they are shadows of the Messiah.

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Lesson 2: Tracking Time in Israel

Tracking Time in Israel is a special lesson that provides essential background information about the calendaring system of ancient Israel.  This information sheds light on the Jewish holy days and on many other parts of the Bible!

Lesson 3: Why Did He Have to Die?

Why did He have to Die?  That’s an excellent question!  This lesson explains why the message of theMessiah is so important and how Jesus truly is the answer to life’s deepest questions.

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Part 2

The Spring Appointed Times

The Spring Appointed Times appear to have been designed to form a unique pattern of dates and times and images that we refer to as The Time-Signature of the Messiah.  The individual who fulfills every aspect of these timing elements is the one who was appointed by God as His Messiah.  Jesus fulfilled every aspect of this time signature, down to the very hour, proving beyond a shadow of doubt that He is truly the Messiah!

Lesson 4: Passover & Unleavened Bread

Lesson 5: First Fruits & Pentecost

Lesson 6: Christ in the Spring Appointed Times (Pt 1)

Lesson 7: Christ in the Spring Appointed Times (Pt 2)

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Part 3

The Fall Appointed Times

Coming soon!

Lesson 8: The Day of Trumpets

Lesson 9: The Day of Atonement

Lesson 10: The Feast of Booths

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