Revelation trumpet charcoal drawing by Kate Orr. The Messiah Beyond a Shadow of Doubt

The Day of Trumpets

Lesson 8

The Resurrection of the Dead – a notion that conjures the wildest imaginings in the minds of the living.  Is it really possible or is it just an invention of our deepest longings as mortals?  The pages of the New Testament are alive with the hope of resurrection, that we will one day be miraculously raised from the dead, that our decaying frames will be profoundly changed into immortal beauty, with a magnificence that will shine like the stars of the heavens.

The Day of Trumpets resounds with this hope – not a slowly evolving metamorphosis, but in an instantaneous flash at the command of the Messiah.  In the twinkling of an eye, we will be transformed from pain and despair into perfection, into life as immortals to live with the Lord forever.  Join us as we explore the final event in the history of planet Earth, which is foreshadowed by the Day of Trumpets.

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