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Tracking Time in Israel

Lesson 2

Tracking Time in Israel is a special lesson that provides essential background information about the calendaring system of ancient Israel.  This information sheds light on the Jewish holy days and on many other parts of the Bible!

Lesson 2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t Leviticus 23 mention the 10th day of the first month as a key date for Passover?
What is leaven?
What is the significance of unleavened bread?
What does leaven represent in the Bible?
Are Jewish people ever allowed to eat bread with leaven?
Why couldn’t Jewish people simply hide their leavened foods in a closet during the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
Did the Israelites bring the First Fruits offering during the year of the exodus from Egypt?
What did the First Fruits offering commemorate in Leviticus 23:9-14?
Was the Feast of Weeks observed during the year of the exodus?
What did the Feast of Weeks (aka. Pentecost) commemorate?
What is a shofar?
Did the ancient Israelites use trumpets or shofars on the Day of Trumpets?
Why did the day of Trumpets include shouting, as well as making other loud noises and sounds?
What is a booth?
What is the difference between sukkah and sukkot?

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