Jesus by the lake charcoal drawing by Kate Orr. The Messiah Beyond a Shadow of Doubt

Introduction to the Appointed Times

Lesson 1

This lesson introduces the concept of the Messiah, as taught in the Bible.  It also introduces the Appointed Times and briefly explains how they are shadows of the Messiah.

Lesson 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Messiah?
Which types of people in the Bible were anointed with oil?
Was Jesus anointed with oil?
Why are the terms Messiah and Christ used interchangeably?
Do the Appointed Times define all of the Jewish holy days?
Why doesn’t Leviticus 23 provide information about how the Appointed Times should be observed?
Some of the Appointed Times contain the word yom, such as Yom Teruah, or Yom Kippur.  What is the meaning of yom?
Why should I be interested in learning about the Messiah?
What are other names for the Appointed Times?
Where can I find a concise listing of the Appointed Times in the Bible?
Why are the Appointed Times referred to as shadows?
What is meant when we say that the substance of the Appointed Times is about the Messiah?
Why would prophesies about the Messiah be somewhat hidden in the form of shadows, rather than direct statements about things that will occur in the future?
Did Moses explain that the Appointed Times teach about the Messiah?
At what point in time could people understand that the Appointed Times spoke of Jesus as the Messiah?
Was Pentecost a messianic event?
What is meant by the Magnificent Hope that we have in the Messiah?
Why are the Appointed Times grouped into the spring and the fall?
What are the names of the spring Appointed Times?
What are the names of the fall Appointed Times?
What is meant by The Time Signature of the Messiah?
Does the Time Signature of the Messiah also apply to the fall Appointed Times?
In what way is Christ our Passover?
How long before the time of Christ were the Appointed Times given to Israel?
What is the significance of Jesus’ perfect fulfillment of the Time Signature of the Messiah – what does it mean to me?

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